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Thursday, 22 March 2018
HIV/AIDS Coordinator Training Print E-mail

Upon completion of the programme, trained and certified HIV/AIDS coordinators will be able to implement a comprehensive organisational HIV/AIDS programme.This programme will also help participants understand the business impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace and develop strategic plans to mitigate this impact.

Training modules
The HIV/AIDS coordinator training programme consists of the following modules:

  • HIV/AIDS - the basics
  • HIV/AIDS - prevention
  • HIV/AIDS - the relationship with TB and STI's
  • HIV/AIDS - living positively
  • HIV/AIDS - rights in the workplace
  • HIV testing in the workplace
  • The impact of HIV/AIDS on the workplace
  • Conducting a workplace needs analysis in the context of HIV/AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS workplace programmes - identify the team members
  • Developing an HIV/AIDS workplace strategy
  • Developing an HIV/AIDS workplace policy
  • Management of an employee with HIV
  • HIV/AIDS in the workplace - preventative strategies
  • HIV/AIDS in the community
  • HIV/AIDS, the law and dispute resolution
  • Stakeholder engagement

Training outcomes
After completing the training programme, participants will be able to:

  • Explain HIV and Aids
  • Know and understand HIV/AIDS and its effects on the human immune system
  • Know and understand how HIV/AIDS is transmitted
  • Describe what behaviour is safe and what behaviour carries the risk of HIV transmission
  • Describe attitudes toward HIV and AIDS in the workplace
  • Identify factors influencing attitudes toward HIV and AIDS
  • Plan, prepare, offer and evaluate an information session in the workplace on HIV and AIDS
  • Interpret data and trends in HIV/AIDS in order to explain the potential impact
  • Investigate and know the guidelines & assistance that are available to support workers infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Know, understand and explain the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Unit standard alignment
The programme is aligned to the following unit standards:

  • Apply the principles of Employment Equity to dealing with terminal or chronic illnesses, particularly HIV/AIDS in the workplace (USID: 116921) (NQF Level: 5) (Credits: 10)
  • Develop a programme that demonstrates effective ways of dealing with the effects of terminal and chronic illnesses, particularly HIV/AIDS, in a workplace (USID: 116948) (NQF Level: 5) (Credits: 12)
  • Implement policies regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace (USID: 9224) (NQF Level: 5) (Credits: 4)
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace, and its effects on a business sub-sector, own organisation and a specific workplace (USID: 13915) (NQF Level: 3) (Credits: 4)

Duration of training
Five days

More information
For more information on the training programme (e.g. training dates, quotations etc.), please email us at:   
HIV/AIDS training enrolment
If you would like to participate in the above training programme, please complete the online training enrolment form: Training enrolment form
(Please note that fax and email versions of the enrolment form are available on request from

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