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Thursday, 19 April 2018
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Redpeg uses a simple, yet effective intervention model that is directly linked to our service offering.

Redpeg specialises in developing and deploying strategic research interventions that are relevant and responsive to the needs of our clients.

  • Our workplace surveys help organisations understand the knowledge, attitudes and practices of their employees on a range of topics (from HIV/AIDS to workplace climate surveys); 
  • Our impact assessments expose organisational risks that need to be managed and reveal the financial implications of ill health so that cost savings response programmes may be developed;
  • Our services extend into broader areas of social and community research, as well as situational, needs and gap analyses.

We believe that research is essential to an organisation’s decision-making processes and must be based on well-validated and useful methods.

Redpeg uses a number of key research tools to ensure quality and cost-effective results. These tools include focus groups as well as paper-based, electronic and online instruments that are available for all levels of research.

Our specialised online and mobile survey tools allow us to cost-effectively reach broader and more scattered populations. 
Our electronic handheld system, which looks like a remote control, can easily collect data from a large group of people at one time, saving time and expense while allowing for anonymous and unlinked data collection.

Redpeg offers a variety of tailored solutions to help organisations act on research recommendations

We help organisations to put forward-thinking workplace strategies in place that are comprehensive and responsive to research findings, such as a cost savings response programmes to counter the effects of ill-health. We also have experience in auditing policies and procedures to ensure alignment and coordination with organisational ethos.

Redpeg is a provider of accredited face-to-face and online training programmes 

We specialise in training on LGBTI sensitisation; Gender Based Violence and the Law; Wellness Management, including HIV/AIDS; Co-operative Management; Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, and more. Our programmes are unit standards based and we are able to provide certificates of competency against these unit standards.

Redpeg believes that monitoring and evaluation are an essential part of project and programme management processes

In short, monitoring consists of tracking processes, decisions, systems and functions of a project, while evaluation determines what parts of a project were a success and what parts failed or were a challenge. Redpeg offers monitoring and evaluation services and adopts a participatory style that involves all stakeholders in the ‘what, how and when’ while maintaining a strong external and objective stance.