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Thursday, 22 March 2018
HIV/AIDS Counselling Training (HWSETA) Print E-mail

Any effective response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic would include strategies aimed at mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS on the infected and affected. Such strategies on care and support have counselling as one of the key components. Counselling can help individuals, their families, and in turn the communities in which they live to cope with the consequences of HIV/AIDS.

Counselling also provides the support needed to bring about and sustain changes in risk behaviour. However, only a small percentage of those with HIV/AIDS have had access to reliable counselling services because of a shortage of trained counsellors. This learning programme is a response to the strong need for training on HIV/AIDS counselling that would guide and facilitate counsellors to cope with the burden of HIV/AIDS on this country. Though no training programme is exhaustive, this one tries to explore issues on interpersonal communication and counselling on HIV/AIDS.

Target group
Peer Educators, Trade Union officers, Line managers & HR officers.

Training modules
The counselling training programme consists of the following modules:

  • Community awareness and knowledge of  STIs and HIV/AIDS

  • Community awareness and knowledge of all possible means of prevention

  • Procedures and techniques involved in Pre- and post-test

  • Impact of STIs and HIV/AIDS

  • Understanding of treatment, care and support

  • Rights of HIV- positive people

  • Functions and scope of practice of a counsellor

  • Set up an enabling counselling environment

  • Principles and procedures of counselling

  • Role of values and attitudes

  • Counselling process in specific context

  • Reflect on the counselling process

  • Counsel and individual prior to an HIV test

  • Counsel an individual after an HIV test

  • Skills and techniques

  • Responding to needs

  • Issues on the death of a spouse

  • Basic rights

  • How relationships are affected

Unit standard alignment
The programme is aligned to the following unit standards:

Unit Standard Number



Unit Standard Title

NQF Level

Official number of credits


Counsel an individual in a structured environment




Educate and work closely with the community with regard to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)




Provide pre and post HIV test counselling 




Develop and implement a client ARV treatment plan 




Provide on-going counselling and support to individuals infected or affected by HIV and AIDS 




Duration of training
Five days

More information
For more information on the training programme (e.g. training dates, quotations etc.), please email us at:   
HIV/AIDS training enrolment
If you would like to participate in the above training programme, please complete the online training enrolment form: Training enrolment form
(Please note that fax and email versions of the enrolment form are available on request from