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Thursday, 19 April 2018
HIV/AIDS Training Programmes

Redpeg is a Services SETA accredited service provider and currently enjoys full accreditation for the development, provision, assessment, moderation and certification of workplace and vocational HIV/AIDS training programmes. We have developed comprehensive HIV/AIDS programmes which include training in foundational clinical modules as well as workplace specific modules. 

"Attending the programme with Redpeg has enabled me to grasp the possible impact of HIV/AIDS on our organisation. I was capacitated to think strategically about the imperatives and workplace solutions to the threat of the pandemic. More importantly though, in preparing the portfolio of evidence, I was guided to bridge the gap between mere policies to implementing practical workplace programmes. The highly skilled team of facilitators was able to keep the programme interesting and current. I will recommend any person, at any level, wanting to be proactive about HIV/AIDS in the workplace to attend a Redpeg programme."
Ester Meyer (MerSETA)

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HIV/AIDS Training Programme Outlines

For more information on our training programmes please click on the links below:

HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Training (HWSETA)
HIV/AIDS Counselling Training (HWSETA)
National Certificate: Victim Empowerment & Support
National Certificate: Community Development (HIV/AIDS Support)
HIV/AIDS Basic Awareness Training
HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Training
HIV/AIDS Coordinator Training
HIV/AIDS Counsellor
HIV/AIDS The Law and the Workplace
HIV/AIDS Training for Managers
Implementing an HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy
Sexually Transmitted Infections - Understanding the Basics
AfroAIDSinfo Peer Educator Training Programme
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